Our Mission:

QuTopia strives to connect trans people to the healthcare and service providers that will affirm them, in order to build a world where every experience of gender is respected and celebrated. 

Our Story:

QuTopia started as an idea that came from years of frustration and feedback about how hard it was to find a list of trans-friendly doctors in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. There were many lists created by local trans community organizations but there was only a capacity to update them annually and if details changed or experiences varied, it was hard to spread that knowledge to the community quickly. Our community was largely working on a word-of-mouth basis and as a few doctors and therapists emerged as rockstar providers, their trans client base grew. When the Obama Foundation Community Leadership Corps came to Phoenix looking for young leaders to mentor and fund for a six-month community engagement project, we saw an opportunity to build the resource our community has needed and asked for. Our project proposal to build an online healthcare directory for transgender Arizonans was accepted, and we spent six months collecting feedback, developing the website, and recruiting our first providers to list. QuTopia is just getting started. We hope to build a robust network of trans-friendly providers as well as hold a safe and convenient place for trans folks to build community and co-create higher standards of care. Once we have the site’s full features built and feel that our network in Arizona is on track, we will expand to other states and hope to become a national network!

Our Team:




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