Melody Day, MA, LAC


**ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS ** Want someone to help you understand and work through what’s keeping you stuck, really listen to what’s going on and help you make meaningful changes? I can help. Anxiety? Depression? Trauma? Sexuality? Relationship issues? Grief? Gender Dysphoria? I can help you learn to better; manage stress, process trauma, grief, shame, & guilt, set better boundaries, feel good about yourself, see & work through negative patterns, understand & communicate your needs, & connect with others. Experience life the way you want to—Live life happier. Lets look at what’s going on and start getting you where you want to be. With 10 years experience nationally/internationally helping people work through what is keeping them stuck, I use my knowledge & experience to provide outcome driven, individualized sessions. I also have extensive specialized training & experience with; trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, stress, sex, Trans/GNC/GNB & LGBQ+, and am Sex+ & Kink affirming. I also pride myself on being trained in specific, varied techniques to provide powerful & dynamic individualized sessions (Gender therapy, EMDR, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Solution-Focused, CBT, Multicultural, Narrative, Mindfulness/Meditation, & more). I also provide letter writing.

Additional Information

ADA Compliant or Wheelchair Accessible Yes

Accommodations for Deaf & Hard of Hearing No

Service Animals Allowed No

Follows Informed Consent Yes

Follows WPATH Standards of Care Yes

Intake Forms are Trans-Friendly Yes

Office/Location has All-Gender Restroom(s) Yes

Provider Identifies as LGBTQ Yes

Provider Identifies as a Person of Color No

Se Habla Español No

Payment Options/Accepted Insurance: Accepting Aetna, Health Savings Accounts, and discounted cash pay rates. Debit, credit, and checks welcome.

Provider Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Queer

Payment In-network (insurance)


152 N Power Rd, Suite #2
Arizona 85205
United States

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M 6am-4pm T 11pm-9pm W 6am-4pm Th 1pm-9pm

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